Monday, June 7, 2010

7th June - the life I have is the life I want

Today was one of those days which allows you to truly reflect on the path your life has taken.

Firstly, there is the fact that I have a student teacher now based in my room for her 4 week block, and I find myself wondering "Just what was it like all those years ago?"

Did I make the right choice?

At the end of the day I attended a workshop on 'Aspirations', Laying the Foundation - they called it. It was amazing to find myself sitting with my very first Deputy Principal. She now has a much more administrative role, but she did remember me - mainly because of a wild parent who one afternoon accosted me in the front office about an incident which had occurred in the classroom. While this in itself is not really memorable, the fact that within 3 months of this explosion he had murdered his own mother and killed himself in a bizarre murder / suicide does help it stick in your mind.

My former DP asked me where I had been since "then" and I briefly accounted for the past 16 years.

Tonight I went to the movies. Of course, there is only one movie to see at the moment - SATC. While it was rather slow, almost laborious, it did feature the occassional reflective moment.

And I found myself asking "Do I have the Life I want?" (this last line MUST be read with a Carrie Bradshaw tone)

I came home and gave Wayne a quick run-down of the day... still pondering my reflective Carrie-question, really knowing the answer already.

While some may enter my house and see this:

This is all that I see:

This is all that I want!

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  1. Snap! We both had a reflective day. And aren't our kids so worth it? And yes, I'd remember that man too. How scary Kellie!

    SATC was a true escape from reality wasn't it? Perhaps our next holiday should be in Abu Dhabi. What do you think?