Sunday, June 6, 2010

6th June - creating Order is just another form of Procrastination

Today, I had planned to lock myself away and work on my Reports.

When I awoke I was 'confronted' with the reality that the cold I had been valiantly holding at bay had arrived. I rolled over, grabbed a tissue, and returned to the land of slumber in the hope that a degree of rest would be my cure.

When I finally realised that no amount of sleep / rest was going to alleviate my suffering I decided to attack my poor health on another level.

So, systematically, I worked through each room of the house - tidying, straightening (much of which, I must say, 8 hours later looks neither tidy or straight anymore) and hoping to create some order so that my body and mind could relax. And then I saw it.....

our Spare Room.

To give you an idea of what this room has looked like I will just say that when I organised the new cleaning roster with "my angel" I told her that "if this door is every open - simply close it".

So, you get the picture!

But today, I could live with the chaos, the non-existent floor, the topless desk (because I couldn't see it). So with Wayne's help we started. With 'North by North-west' playing in the background we emptied, moved and organised much of the chaos. And while it is still not complete (there is a 'dumping ground' to the left of this photo) it has been a very good start.

But now I realise...... those Reports didn't actually get worked on this weekend, and I have found yet another form of Procrastination!

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  1. Oh, so true! I love procrastinating. That's why my house is so tidy! I'm getting better, but I used to have a spotless house before I did any study. Study - blergh. I could procrastinate on that forever! Now work on the other hand... I have now learnt to walk past the mess now. The joys of working from home! (But your spare room is looking very good!)