Tuesday, June 22, 2010

21st June - life is full of double-edged swords

Well, today I finally got to that item on my list which usually gets missed:
  • Ring piano teacher for Kate
So I rang and the lesson is in place. Next Tuesday. The day before our Girl-Wonder turns 5.
After getting off the phone I went into her room to tell her the good news.

"Kate, you can start piano lessons next Tuesday."

The look on her face was sheer joy (although the delay with my camera didn't quite catch it).

Kate: "When will be next Tuesday?"

Me: "The day before your birthday" (thinking this would be a good point - how wrong I was)

Kate: "When I turn 5?"

Me: "Yes"

Kate: "Where will I be on my birthday?"

Me: "It's Wednesday, so at Kindy."

Kate: "But when I'm 5 I don't go to Kindy anymore!"

Me: "Yes sweetie, that's right. It will be your last day."

Kate (face with tears)

double edged sword: from the notion that even as one edge of a two-edged sword can be directed at an enemy or otherwise do your bidding, the opposite edge, pointing back as it does towards you, is at risk of doing you harm


  1. Oh, so many changes Mummy! I can't handle it all! How hearbreaking when you hope it will be delightful, and then it turns out like this!

  2. she just LOVES Kindy - wishes it could go on forever