Saturday, June 19, 2010

19th June - always read the label

"Always read the label, and if pain persists
please see a Doctor"

Last night we had fish and chips for tea. I was feeling rather uninspired to cook, and let's face it - it's cold and dark now. So off I went to our local to pick up said food.

I plated it up - in my best Master Chef technique - and decided that I would add a little extra to my plate.


I looked in the condiments cupboard.
No joy.
Then I remembered that there was a large container in the pantry. I quicky found it. Took the cap off. Carefully poured the vinegar into the cap, and poured the capful over my meal. I basked in my genius; not pouring too much over my meal.

I sat down to eat my tea. I thought that the vinegar didn't pack much of a punch.
Maybe it is a bit old. Does vinegar lose some of its punch with age?
I finished my tea. Tidied. Read stories. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

This morning, Wayne pointed out one little point that I may have missed.

No, it hadn't lost its punch. There was no punch to begin with.

Always read the label.

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  1. Oh this post is hilarious! I was looking at the first picture and wondering... what is the picture of? Then I realised, it's the suspense! At least you didn't pour liquid poison over your chips!