Friday, June 4, 2010

3rd June - anticipation is a raging fire!

Today was the day!

Today was the day when our Kate took her first steps into school life.

More than most people, I have had opportunities to talk, watch, listen and console parents on that first day.

The first day is often much harder for the parent than the child.
I thought that this might be the case for us too, but I can't bring myself to that place -yet.

You see, I LOVED school! Primary school, high school, college (because when I first enrolled that is what it was) and Uni.

I have loved the learning.
I have loved the quirky opportunities.
I have loved the friends.
I have loved the teachers (mostly - and for those that I didn't - it is sad to say, but I enjoyed tormenting them!)
I tried to love every minute - and mostly succeeded!

So today, as Kate walked through the school yard and was greeted by a chorus of "Hi Kate"'s I was happy for her to start this great adventure.

'Education is not fillling a bucket, but lighting a fire'.

Dearest Kate, may your embers never cool; Love Mum xxx


  1. Beautiful Kate. How big she is now. Did you cry? I think I'm going to be one of those mothers whose children will be okay, but I won't be! So, how was her first day????

  2. No tears! But confess to some today with the first of the "good-byes" at Childcare - now THAT will be a mess!

    She was completely unfazed - was packing up and organising the other "newies" by the end.