Friday, June 11, 2010

11th June - clothes don't always maketh the man

Following on from Kate's illness - today was 'Dr day'.

Now it seems that my cherubs at school did not follow the game plan too closely yesterday. In fact, by all accounts it was a god-damn schamozzle yesterday. So, you can imagine the joy that met my request for another day off! Actually, it wasn't really that bad - the reaction - my class, unfortunately, really WERE that bad.

So, I planned the crap out of the day! I had tasks, worksheets, activities that would keep every single second - and more - occupied. There was no way anyone was going to have even a nano second to hatch plans of reckless behaviour.

This morning I quickly popped into work to drop everything in. Now, to be fair, I had planned to wear this:

and if Kate had been able to jag an appointment with a certain doctor, I still would have!

But she didn't, so I didn't.

Instead, I wore:

I had someone comment that I was rather casual; so therefore "off duty".

I pulled up short of explaining to this person that we are never truly "off duty".
I have been "on duty" in pyjamas, stale clothes without a shower for two days, bathers, evening gowns, and yes, even trackies.

Clothes may well maketh the man when we are at work, but they are not even a remote consideration in our real lives.

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