Thursday, December 23, 2010

old school

Well, it has been a while since I visited this spot.... so long in fact that I couldn't remember the account password. So, 40 minutes later, here I am. But it was a long process.
There was those silly misformed words that needed to be entered,
there were random numbers sent through to my phone,
more sign-in screens - man, this had better be worth it!
So, this ordeal, along with today's events has brought to life a new blogging topic - old school!

Remember when things were EASY?

When if you didn't want to talk to anyone, you just took the phone off the hook - no machines, no mobiles, no emails, Twitter, FaceBook.

Don't get me wrong, I L.O.V.E. all this stuff. But sometimes we just need to keep in contact with the "old" stuff. You know that horrible term "old school" - I can't stand it, but I want to embrace the idea.
So, throughout January I will be revisiting some of those little things that without intervention, will be lost forever - a bit dramatic, but you get the gist.
For the last two days our house has had 4 kids. No phantom pregnancy, just the nieghbours kids - so I had to think of some activities to pull out when I could sense that the atmosphere was getting a bit 'fractious'.
Today, we made chocolates - with caramel and orange cream fillings too. You know, melt the chocolates, paint the moulds, let them set, fill them, top them. Yesterday we made a slice, and today we placed everything together into gift baskets which they decorated.

Ok, so one of those "new" things I need to work on, is rotating photos before importing - ah, just tilt your head - that's what we used to do!

Oh yes, I've also made invitations for Ross' party. Not necessarily "old school" - I just wanted to show them off!
So, come January 1 we're back to OLD TIME FUN! If you have any suggestions let me know - 31 days!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

27th June - the power of a puzzle

"Ross you are my best friend"
Yes, after a weekend where our mantra has become "They're just tired, they need holidays" this was how today ended.

Now don't get me wrong - this was not what we expected at ANY time today. We even tried "divide and conquer" - you know, you take Ross and I'll take Kate. Ross went to the footy, Kate went shopping and cooking. Still, when they came back together the 'friction' continued.

We had only executed "divide and survive".

So after showers, and upon being gently directed to their own rooms for a while... the above quote is what we heard.

And what were they doing?

26th June - the comfort of a fire

Tonight, after tea, we stood around our outdoor fire to chat.


25th June - it's nice to have "dad" home

Sometimes a picture paints 1000 words

24th June - I can do it .... but there is carnage

Well, tonight Wayne returned from his conference in Brisbane.

While he's been away, in addition to the normal hectic routine that is our week, the following occurred:

  • I wrote an application for a short-term position
  • Grey's Anatomy - goes without saying this week really, doesn't it!!!
  • PM challenged
  • PM toppled.

So, after the kids had gone to bed each night, there really wasn't that "potter" time I'd been hoping for.

BUT, we did survive.

Although, looking around the house tonight... there was some additional carnage.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

23rd June - watch your back!

"Hi folks"

It could be a residual result of the Winter Solstice.

It could be a leading indicator of the Full Moon.

To paraphrase a 'commentator' tonight - 7:30 Reportland is looking like a very comfortable place.

I had plans .... tidy the house.
...... pack lunches.
........ sort resource folders.
..... go to bed early.

Well, tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

22nd June - I don't care how you judge me... well not about everything

I am often quite worried about my need to please. My need to always appear involved, interested, competent, capable... and though I sometimes play up to the opposite - I would be truly crushed if people really had a negative perception of me.

I know, as I enter these last few years of my 30s I really should have come to terms with WHO I am, irrespective of the perceptions of others. But, I haven't.

I find it hard to say "No". (Unless saying NO will help others perceive me as a sensible, level-headed individual)

I find it hard to shirk responsibility.

I find it hard to quit (hence I am still completing a blog entry for each day - which has now been going since April in some form or fashion)

I am molded by what others think - of course, this does depend on the "standing" that I 'give' that person - if you are a true nutter I couldn't give a rat's.

But mostly I try to please. Make sensible choices.

So today, with 4 hours sleep under my belt (I'll fill you in later - maybe) and doing the single-mum, 2 kids routine, I made a choice which rather surprised me.

Kate has a very tight breakfast routine on week days. It is usually a 'breakfast bar' followed by yoghurt. Once this is done, she will generally eat anything which is not moving. But the start, the fragile start, to each morning cannot vary.

Unless you have NO breakfast bars.

What about toast? NO
Toast with jam? NO
Toast with vegemite? NO
Weet-bix? NO
Porridge? NO
Croissants? NO
Baked Beans? NO
Spaghetti? NO

I walked away. I couldn't have my girl going to Childcare without breakfast, hungry... what would they think?

What about chilli biscuits and cheese? A cheeky, broad smile - as this is something which is often requested, but always denied.

And so, she ate Chilli Rice crackers with processed cheese on top.
In front of the TV,
in the lounge,
on the couch for that matter!

She had food in her tummy.
She was happy.
We got in the car on time.

I don't care what you think!

"Never judge a man's actions until you know his motives"