Saturday, June 5, 2010

5th June - your Community isn't necessarily local

Watching today approach in my diary I have wondered how it would all work.
We started with Football at Gawler, then the Kindy Sausage sizzle at Clare, then back home and through to Mawson Lakes to pick up Ross from the Crows game, and then back home and to the Kids Karaoke night at the clubrooms.
And while it was a busy day, with quite a bit of travel, everywhere I went I was surrounded by people I knew. Football - well that's obvious: lots of 7, 8 and 9 year old boys. And while I offer no real match help - I am essential at half time when I bring out the Jumbo packet of Snakes.
The Sausage Sizzle was lovely. Parked out the front or Woolies with so many past students and parents coming in to do their weekly shopping.
Then, on the way home, I stopped at Auburn to visit a gallery run by one of my "old" parents. Twenty minutes or so simply disappeared as we caught up and I had a tour of her gallery and the attached house. (For those who know my political interest, I will mention that it was also at the same time as Michael Atkinson and his wife were cycling through Auburn and they stopped at her gallery for a bit of a look. - note, it must have been a "bye" for soccer this week!).
Tonight, back at the clubrooms for some Kid's Karaoke - which was infected by just a little adult suppport!
So I sit here now, 16 hours later reflecting on how broad my "community" is.
It is a reflection of our travels, our investments, our heart.
I love that my "Community" stretches for miles and miles.

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  1. Great Kellie. And you are definitely a big part of it. One day you could run for local council!