Friday, June 4, 2010

4th June - time is meant to be spent - not saved

We have a little "tradition".

Well, to be completely honest we have many. My absolute favourite occurs at Christmas. We have a family tradition of decorating Christmas trees with a box of Roses chocolates and opening them on Christmas morning, eating them for breakfast, but leaving the wrappers on the tree as a decoration.

Today was our "other" tradition. During footy season, when we don't have a Friday night game, I pick up the kids as soon as I can and we head to our local Hudson's.

And we STOP.
And we TALK.
And we LISTEN. REALLY listen.

Because we are in NO hurry.
There is no deadline.
There is no schedule.

We spend our time on us. With us. Just us.

I love Fridays.

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